General Mills
HQ Location
United States
Market Cap
34,920,000,000 USD
Annual Revenue
17,630,000,000 USD
Food Products
Consumer Goods
Company Website
Twitter Handle
Related Activities
CGF, CGF Board, CGF Environmental Sustainability Committee, GRI, NY Declaration on Forests, Privately reported to CDP's forest program 2015, RSPO, SAI Platform, TFA 2020, TSC, We Mean Business
Supply Chain Level
Commodities Produced or Used
Soy, Timber & Pulp, Palm, Cattle
Last Updated 3 Oct 2016
Relevant Assessments *
Behind The Brands
40 100
CLUA's Global Commodity Business Report
Forest 500
4 5
Greenpeace Cutting Deforestation Palm Score 2016
RAN Snack Food 20 Scorecard
Front Runner
UCS Palm Oil Scorecard 2015
77.8 100
WWF Palm Oil Score Card 2013
9 12


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