Timber & Pulp

An estimated 53% of timber and 37-60% of pulp exports from tropical countries have displaced forests (over 80 million tons). Tropical timber & pulp wood is used in construction, furniture-making, packaging, paper products, and even clothing. Commitments to timber & pulp can vary significantly, with some broadly covering all tree products while others might specifically address timber, paper, and/or packaging.

Certified Area (Hectares)*
Export Value of Commodities from Deforestation (USD)*
Entities Profiled
$29.73 billion
  • 76 Fiber
  • 63 Packaging
  • 44 Paper
  • 33 Wood
  • 27 Wood Products
  • 10 Timberlands
  • 07 Pulp
  • 07 Sawn Timber
  • 05 Biomass
  • 01 Timber & Pulp

Profiles *

Which entities are stepping up - and how do they measure up?

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